Network Security Analyst

Answer Key Questions

Analysts are challenged with analyzing vast amounts of data from a wide spectrum of disparate data sources, including intrusion and anomaly detection systems, firewall logs, antiviral statistics and service desk calls. They're also tasked with answering questions that must be answered quickly and accurately like:

• When are the peak times for network traffic?
• Which departments and users utilize the most bandwidth?
• Who is using the most network resources?
• Which groups have the most traffic between them?

Enterprise-wide Data Support and Analysis

The ability to aggregate data into a single view and then correlate and trend incidents and alerts over time is essential for a Network Security Analyst. One of ADVIZOR’s inherent strengths is the ability to correlate data from a variety of devices and systems.  Our powerful, patented, in-memory data management system enables security and risk management professionals to wade through data with capture rates that can reach 100 million records per hour to quickly identify trends and incidents of interest. ADVIZOR facilitates the analysis of vast amounts of data through interactive visual charts. By interacting with ADVIZOR Charts, network specialists can monitor other security, bandwidth and utilization metrics to identify anomalies visually. These anomalies may be a coordinated attack on the network, or they may be something else. Either way, embedded predictive modeling capabilities make it easy to further understand the factors behind outliers and then score the population to identify additional potential risks.

Clear Communication and Results Sharing

Identifying incidents with traditional tools can be challenging, but clearly communicating the impact to an organization can seem nearly impossible. ADVIZOR provides the ability to to present findings with point-and-click ease. ADVIZOR includes a number of unique and patented visualizations developed in Bell Labs for exactly that purpose.

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