SIEM Analysis

Powerful Capabilities for Security Information and Event Management Analytics

Maintaining a secure corporate environment is a demanding and relentless task. It requires monitoring large quantities of streaming data with an eye to finding the bad actors hiding in all the complexity.  Security information and event management (SIEM) tools can help identify and highlight manycritical events at a glance, empowering your staff to execute an informed response.  But in order to stay ahead of the hackers, more sophisticated approaches are needed. ADVIZOR Solutions can load data from SIEM tools and other data sources, visualize it to help you see patterns, trends, and outliers not easily detectable, and enable even deeper discovery and analysis. Your IT professionals can leverage our powerful security data visualization application to move from information to insight and gain perspectives that are unified and actionable.

The ADVIZOR Solutions Advantage

SIEM Analytics is a complex task. Many devices are used to protect corporate networks from internal and external intrusions. These devices generate valuable information each time an anomaly is detected. The hurdle? In a large enterprise network hundreds of thousands of anomalies may need to be investigated on a routine basis. That's where ADVIZOR steps in as a powerful visual analytics application that accelerates the discovery of hard to find, suspicious behavior and helps communicate its impact on an organization's compliance and security posture to executive management

Partnering with industry leaders, ADVIZOR supports security and risk management professionals by providing easy access to information in clear displays with dynamic interaction.  We allow you to:

Limiting Your Risk

IT security risks are on the rise. Existing vulnerabilities and emerging malware present enough challenges, and zero-day threats are capable of exploiting more vulnerabilities not discovered in time to address and patch. Enterprises must have the ability to quickly and easily access and analyze network SIEM data. Big data security analytics can help organizations identify potential avenues of compromise for malicious actors and remedy these issues before they are exploited.

ADVIZOR Solutions empowers IT security professionals to conduct in-depth cyber security analysis and visual hunting, and discover risks they might have otherwise missed. ADVIZOR software enables security analysts to quickly and easily move from high level to detail, with a unique capability to pan, zoom, and switch perspectives across complex technical data. For example, analysts may discover outliers in their time-based view of access to network services, helping them identify suspicious insider activity. By selecting this data set, and excluding all the rest, they can immediately see the collective activity of the suspicious user across mission-critical servers, analyze the potential impact of the suspicious behavior, and present the information security analytics data to executive management in a focused, nontechnical manner. Ultimately, the right security visualization and analytics solution helps IT security teams recommend a course of action to nontechnical executives, both compelling them to act and demonstrating the clear value of security investments.

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See how Mark Platt, GIAC Certified Intrusion Analyst, uses ADVIZOR to visualize network traffic.