Data Analytics for Manufacturing

We Make ERP and Shop Floor Data Easy to Work With

You deal with the pain every day. You need to understand why an order is delayed or whether a customer is profitable, or create a plan to manage risks before they occur. Until now, the business intelligence that manufacturing companies has had available has not been good at answering these questions. But your need for insight leads to what we call the “Cycle of Pain.”

You download data from the ERP or production system, or both, and dump it into Excel to try your best to slice and dice it into an answer. Or you go to IT and ask for custom queries and reports. Then you wait.

When you finally get the data, it raises another set of questions that starts the cycle all over again.

Pain-Free Insight and Rapid ROI

At ADVIZOR, we deliver software solutions that replace the “Cycle of Pain” with a self-service, collaborative, and interactive speed-of-thought approach. We provide ad hoc reporting, analysis, and data analytics for manufacturing that is truly easy to use, enabling you to move from manufacturing data collection to insights in four easy steps:

  1. Blend data from ERP, shop floor, and other business systems — even big data manufacturing sets – to get a more complete picture of operations
  2. Synthesize it, making it easy to understand and analyze and track the metrics that matter most to drive improved performance
  3. Visualize it to see patterns and trends, then drill in, slice and dice, query your data to understand why
  4. Share your findings in an easy-to-understand visual format in order to take appropriate action

ADVIZOR is fast to implement — most customers finish in four to eight weeks. We don’t require complex, time-consuming, and expensive integration projects to work with your existing systems before you can start receiving the insights you need to make your manufacturing operations run more effectively.


Proven Benefits of Data Analytics for Manufacturing

ADVIZOR unlocks the "stories" hidden in your data to provide strong ROI in key functional areas:

Full Turnkey Solutions in Data Analytics for Manufacturing Companies

ADVIZOR combines our data discovery software with business consulting and analytics expertise to deliver full solutions customized to help you answer your key business questions.  We access, configure, blend, synthesize, visualize and present your data in a format that makes it easy for you to analyze it to make better, faster decisions. And, we promote collaboration across all areas of the business so everybody works toward a common goal.

Even teams without analytics training can benefit from ADVIZOR’s easy-to-digest visualizations, customized data discovery and analysis solutions, and easy-to-build predictive models. We’ve made it quick to implement and use ADVIZOR — getting at the true business intelligence manufacturing has always needed to optimize performance.

Before ADVIZOR we were responding to events on the floor.  We could not easily look at trends and statistics to determine what was causing good and poor performance.  Reports were limited and it was impossible to conduct comparative analyses with any degree of speed, sophistication, or flexibility!  We needed to change the whole process in order to continue to lead our industry."

Matt Delawder, VP of Fastener Sorting, SWD, Inc.