ADVIZOR’s Analyst/X includes all of the features of the ADVIZOR Analyst plus additional descriptive and predictive analytics, including key field/variable analytics, missing values calculations, and target value prediction.  It runs linear regression and classification models.

Analyst/X brings “no coding predictive modeling” to another level. Integrated into ADVIZOR’s unique in-memory-data-pool, a user can easily select a target from any ADVIZOR chart and then with a simple point and click interface run a powerful set of multi-variate regression algorithms to determine which of the various fields in the data have influence on the target, and by how much. Using ADVIZOR Analyst/X’s powerful Expression Builder, Date Parser, and Cross Table Linking Functions, users can easily integrate, aggregate, and transform data both within a single table and across multiple tables. This enables an analyst to quickly create new metrics and fields to run through the predictive models, without having to go back and make changes in the source system data. And, data from new sources can easily be loaded, merged, and grouped with the data already loaded to create new potential explanatory factors.

Once models are created, output scores are saved and re-executed when data is refreshed.  In addition to being consumed in ADVIZOR dashboards (aka"projects", output scores can be automatically exported as .csv files for use in other systems, databases, and reporting tools.  This provides a powerful capability to determine factors that make a difference, and then use that information to flag situations or conditions or entities or events that require attention.