ADVIZOR Analyst is a Microsoft .NET client-based application (Windows 7 and 10) that enables business users to access and load data from multiple sources, blend it together into a robust in-memory-data-mart, synthesize it with a wide range of string, numeric, and logical expressions both within and across tables, and then create highly interactive visual dashboards.  Those dashboards can be shared with other ADVIZOR Analyst users and/or published to ADVIZOR Desktop Navigator (client-based) and/or ADVIZOR Server AE for web-based and iPad consumption, on-premise or in the cloud. 

ADVIZOR dashboards empower end-users to perform ad hoc data discovery across the full range of dimensions in any table that has been loaded and then slice and dice, drill down, and export lists and charts for action and next steps. Response time is <1 second on any interaction on any dimension on any table, including updates to all other linked tables and charts. Chart and page export is to Microsoft Office or Adobe PDF or as .jpg.  Lists are exported as .csv.

ADVIZOR dashboards (aka "projects") can be set to refresh data on demand or set to a script to automatically reload periodically, say, once a day.  When the data is reloaded, all calculations, metrics, model scores, and transformations are updated.  Additionally, any field in any table in the in-memory-data-mart can be automatically exported as .csv files for use in other systems, databases, and reporting tools, as well as other ADVIZOR projects.  This capability allows calculated metrics, model scores, and flattened results that are created in ADVIZOR to be consumed in other systems.

The Analyst contains the full suite of 16 interactive and configurable ADVIZOR charts with Visual Discovery™.  It additionally includes tools to integrate, aggregate, and transform your data, both within a single table and across multiple tables, for predictive modeling and general analysis.  The Analyst is ideal for performing interactive analysis on all types of business data to drive fact-based decision making.  Typical data sources range from one .xlsx sheet to over 150 tables with 400+ fields from a variety of sources.

ADVIZOR Analyst loads data directly from Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Excel, Access, Text Files, MySQL, HP Vertica, EMC Greenplum, IBI WebFOCUS, SalesForce, Splunk, and a variety of other sources via ODBC. Our Data Blender provides access to an additional 15 datatypes with the ability to merge, sort, transform, and append various tables of data.