Interactive Data Visualization

Can you see the stories in your data? This is the power of data visualization: The design and development of information-driven graphics that combine disparate data sets and relationships to create compelling, narrative-driven graphics. The result? Executives and technology pros alike can dive into the story behind the data and make key strategic decisions.

Thanks to the ubiquity of big data, visualization tools aren't simply for large enterprises — companies of any size can benefit from the ability to see their data visually and understand key patterns and trends, in turn helping to clarify complex interactions and drive business growth.

The Data Visualization ADVIZOR Advantage

ADVIZOR Solutions' Visual Discovery™ is a full-featured query and visual analysis system that combines the excitement of presentation graphics — used to display patterns and trends, and identify anomalies to understand "what" is happening — with the ability to probe, drill down, filter and manipulate displayed data to answer deeper and more long-term "Why?" questions.

So what sets ADVIZOR Solutions visual analysis software apart from that of other data visualization companies? While conventional approaches to interactive data visualization software have involved manipulating text displays have involved manipulating text displays such as cross tabs, running complex queries and accessing statistical packages, and then assembling these results into reports, ADVIZOR Solutions' information visualization software makes all text and graphics interactive. As a result, users both gain insight from the visual representation of data and gain additional understanding through data interaction with the data displayed in any of ADVIZOR's 15 interactive charts. Using color, selection, filtering, focus, viewpoint (panning, zooming), labeling, highlighting, drill-down, reordering and aggregation, users can quickly find critical information, uncover key relationships and see the impact of key data points on all other in-memory resources.

Seeing Is Believing

To streamline both access and analysis using of our interactive data visualization for the web, ADVIZOR Solutions charts are authored in pages, which are then grouped into projects. Each project has a theme, and the pages within that project represent the workflow, proceeding from left to right, with charts providing the necessary data to support the theme of each page. In addition, all charts are connected to the in-memory data pool of our data visualization software, meaning that a selection on any chart on any page instantly updates all charts on all pages. And since one page can contain charts connected to a variety of different tables, the end result is a powerful — and extremely intuitive — cross-table query capability.

While most software for data visualization focuses on reducing complex data to easily understood visualgraphics, ADVIZOR Solutions' Visual Discovery goes beyond simple visual display. ADVIZOR empowers users to leverage their own knowledge and intuition to see patterns, identify outliers, and additionally drill in, interact with and pose complex questions of the data and get answers, all at the click of a mouse. Our information visualization software provides the foundation for insight by making it possible for our clients to "see" their data and discover its hidden stories.

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