Screening & Scoring

Our goal is to build accurate models quickly so you can put them to work immediately and begin to see results. 

Our consultants are quantitative experts from top universities.They are expert problem solvers, highly skilled data modelers, and experts in fundraising.  They know the nuances in the acquisition and preparation of advancement data and lever that knowledge into their model building.

ADVIZOR's consultants are pragmatists.  Our approach  is to partner with you and your team because you know your data best.  And that leads to better results!   We work together so you understand the models, their nuances, and their results.  And all along the way we are transferring knowledge and equipping you to build your own models going forward. 

We work with your existing data . . . 

Most of the data that you need to build predictive models is already in your source systems.  If it's not (for example, sometimes event participation is not captured) then we will work with your team to develop a process to capture it.  But in almost every case the source systems already have sufficient data to build effective models

. . . and can bring in outside screening data if needed.

Outside wealth screening data will obviously help the cause.  If you have that data already, we'll use it.  If you don't, we can provide it through our partner, TrueGivers (, or another provider of your choice.  And if you are not ready to take that step, zip codes can provide a reasonable proxy for wealth until your team can do a wealth / asset screening using external data.

Our approach is flexible and we tailor model building to your needs.

There are 3 common model types that many of our clients develop:

Major Gifts Likelihood
Annual Giving Likelihood
Attachment Scores

However,  our modeling work has covered a variety of advancement areas, including finding top targets for a specific campaign ask (e.g., financial aid matching grants), identifying the characteristics of million dollar donors, finding potential reunion class volunteers, determining which prospects to target with an end-of-the year phone campaign, and identifying targets for an alumni trip.  

And we're fast and can have full models built and in use in just a few days!