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SWD Inc. is Chicagoland’s premier metal finishing, dip spin coatings, and fastener sorting facility. They specialize in working with stampings and fasteners like screws, nuts, bolts, and washers. The company boasts a tradition of exceptional production quality, complete customer satisfaction, and continued commitment to environmental conservation.

Paul, SWD’s Dipspin Line Manager, has a daily ritual of trudging through an Excel spreadsheet spanning thousands of open SWD orders. He needs to ensure that they are scheduled efficiently. His main objective? To find and flag those orders running over the requested processing time so he can schedule their completion as a top priority. The problem? This technique of playing Sherlock by eyeballing the data is time consuming and prone to error. Every open order he misses could translate to thousands of dollars in missed revenue for his customers.

ADVIZOR is currently developing a project for Paul and his team that will examine outstanding orders in real-time. This dashboard solution will make it possible for Paul to abandon his lengthy sessions, seeing any statistic about his late orders he could possibly dream of! An interactive pie chart on the home page of the dashboard illustrates the percentage of outstanding orders compared to completed orders. Next, Paul can choose the ones that are over the requested processing time by interacting with a simple bar chart. After easily finding these late orders, he can see exactly which processes they are stuck between, even exploring the average time to completion for an order of this category. Any outstanding orders are colored red on all pages of the project so that he can intuit patterns during his analysis.

The ADVIZOR team also calculated a metric that categorizes thousands of SWD processes into just a few groupings, like quality control or packaging. The dashboard displays this new method for organizing processes with a simple visualization, a bar chart, but lends richness to the team’s future analysis with charts like Paraboxes and Heatmaps. For example, it’s now possible to see extreme outliers in process times in any given day, week, month, or year with a parabox. And in a heatmap, color guides the user with variations of red and green representing average, over, or under process times for each order.

Insights like “the average order processing time for all categories is declining overall, but there are a few categories that the process time is increasing during the past few months,” can be gleaned in seconds rather than hours. All data in this project both updates overnight and on demand.

Another project ADVIZOR completed for SWD was in 2006 when they implemented an Operator Productivity dashboard in ADVIZOR that is still in use today.

We look forward to our continuing partnership with the SWD team, stay tuned for news of project completion!

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